Tuesday, January 11, 2011

carutan 1

hmm...setelah aku baca n tgk berite kebelakangan ni...
i proud to be a malaysian..wanna know y?
coz in UK..when accident do happens..they all will panicked n dont know what to do..
but in malaysia..we know how to cope with it..sbabnye..dkat malaysia ni slalu sgt berlaku accident ni compare ngan tmpat diorang..hahaha..n on top of that..i think all the bus driver is very lazy n stupid...kpd sesiapa yg ibu bapanya drebar bus..sori la weh..bende da betol..tkle nk ckp ape la kan..:-p..tgk sendiri da bape nyawe diorang ragut..bile tiba musim..ade je org mati..
kita leh tgk dkat had laju yg diorang leh bwk..which is around 80/90km..
tp..bile jumpe je dkat highway..i was driving 120..but the bus is way faster..mb 140km..
WTF!!..some1 need to tell the bus driver where is the center gravity of the bus..i think they all dont know..thats y bawak cm haram to stop a heavy vehicle with a high mass...pon diorang tktau...tu langar sane sini..zzz

as for the police plak..ppl need to smack some senses into them..basic calculation 1+1=?? pon diorang tktau...instead of 2..they will answer..1 for u n 1 for me..hahahha...harem je kan..nak2 polis mude skang..berbagai2..hahah..

suka suki ja tulis ni :-P


  1. hahahaha....unfortunately, most of them datang tolong tengok je, record and publish dekat Youtube. lol